Home ventilation is one of the most important things that you need to consider in your property-after all, without fresh air in your home, you'll end up dealing with poor air quality, musty odors, and an HVAC system that is working overtime!

Our innovative whole-house fans can swap out the air inside your entire home 15-22 times every hour-that means that your home's air will be completely replaced every 3-4 minutes!

The active breeze created by QuietCool delivers intensive air circulation and cooling power, resulting in "mass cooling" of your home. That means that even if the temperatures remain high outdoors, it will take longer for your home to heat up during the day-making it even easier to keep your interior comfortable and your energy costs low.

Benefits of a QuietCool System

With a QuietCool system, you'll receive:

  •  A wide selection of patented QuietCool products that are built right here in the USA
  •  High-performance motors and R5 insulated damper system for impressive R-Value
  •  Noise-free operation that lets you comfortably run your new house fan anytime of the day
  •  Advanced controls for timed cooling and zoned systems to maximize performance
  •  Incredible energy efficiency-saving you hundreds every year on cooling costs
  •  Reduction of pollutants for better indoor air quality and mold prevention
  •  Impressive 10-year warranties on QuietCool products to protect your investment

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