It’s a little-known fact among homeowners that small power surges happen all the time. While these can be caused by outside factors like power grid switches or lightning storms, the overwhelming majority of these are minor power glitches that are triggered from inside the home. While they might seem harmless or unimportant, both minor and major power surges can cause damage to your home’s electronics through the wiring systems.

As our technology becomes more and more advanced, today’s homes are smarter than ever—and filled with expensive electrical equipment and advanced air conditioning, thermostat, and zoning systems. This means that our homes need more protection than ever before against minor and major power surges—especially in Northern California, where power outages and lightning storms are more frequent than ever.

The best solution for protecting your home from the deterioration of your electronics and also storm damage from minor and major surges is to have whole-house surge protection installed. Our expert team at Environmental Heating and Air Solutions specializes in the installation of state-of-the-art electrical surge protection devices, which are specifically designed to protect the most complex HVAC systems for Northern California homes. In this article, we’re going over some of the reasons why you should consider protecting your home and its sensitive HVAC equipment with a whole-house surge protection system.

What Causes Power Surges?

There are a number of factors that can cause a power outage to occur. Most of these result in small surges that are barely noticeable, however, over time, these small surges can cause your electrical systems to deteriorate much faster than normal. 

In most cases, the surges happen when larger power devices are switches on and off. Aside from power restorations, surges can also be caused by tripped circuit breakers, power line malfunctions, and short circuits.

Why Northern California Homes are at a Higher Risk for Electrical Damage

Power restoration on a larger scale can cause major damage to your system. In Northern California, where electrical storms are common, utility providers are resorting to cutting off electrical supply to hundreds of thousands of homes at once in an attempt to reduce the risk of forest fires in high winds. While this is a good measure for protecting the area from fires, the risk of damage to homes’ electrical systems rises considerably once the power is switched back on.

Another rare but serious cause of power surges is lightning storms, which are happening more frequently in Northern California. When lightning strikes on the ground or directly on a home, power surges can devastate the home’s electronic equipment—including its HVAC system.

Protecting Your Home from Storm Damage

Many homeowners take measures to protect their expensive electronics with point-of-use surge protectors and power strips. While it’s important to protect your home’s circuit boards, entertainment systems, TV sets, laptops, PC’s and other electronic equipment, point-of-use surge protectors won’t be of any use for protecting your home’s HVAC equipment from damage during an outage.

Although lightning storms are rare, the truth is that they’re happening more frequently in Northern California. If lightning happens to strike near or on your home, it’s best to have measures in place to protect your HVAC system—which is likely to cost much more than the cost of your television, PC, and other expensive electronics combined. Whole-house protection will provide the comprehensive protection you need to safeguard your technology and your HVAC system.

Customized Protection from Electrical Outages

As we mentioned before, point-of-use surge protection covers your home’s appliances—not your entire property’s electrical system. With a whole-house surge protection system in place, every electrical connection in your home is safe and protected from harm—including all of your home’s electrical circuits that keep your house functioning properly.

The whole-house surge protection system you need for your home will depend on a variety of factors. Environmental Heating & Air Solutions help homeowners find the right system to protect their entire homes adequately from storm damage according to their house construction, voltage needs, climate conditions, and other factors.

Learn More About Whole-House Surge Protection from EHA Solutions

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