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EHA is looking for a water heater specialist who is capable of the following duties: -Perform Water Heater Safety & Performance Inspections -Educate and inform homeowners on the benefits of Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters, Tank-less Water Heaters and All traditional water heater options. -Present options/pricing and secure new water heater sales -Perform a proven follow up process to keep pipe line full -Perform installations of all types of water heaters and basic plumbing upgrades

Experience Requirements
Must possess a high degree of plumbing knowledge as it relates to the job description.
-Professional Image and Presence
-Clean Driving Record
-Possess all required plumbing skills and tools to perform job duties
-Strong communication & Sales skills
-Desire to excel in all job duties and functions
100% Heath Care (After 90 days)
Matching 401K (After 1 year)
Hourly pay, plus commissions
Salary (in USD)
60000 to 100000 Per Year
Apply for Water Heater Specialist
  • Please attach your an overview of your experience, any sales performance data you may have and any other information that you feel best qualifies you for this opportunity. Feel free to email any information to
  • Contact Hiring Manager
    Michael Goater
    (916) 780-4328
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