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Northern California Home Zoning Systems

When you walk into your home at night and flip the light switch next to the door on, do all of the lights in your home turn on? Of course not, because that would be an immense waste of energy. If we control lighting and other energy sources in one room at a time, why not ask the same of your heating and cooling system?

Rather than heating or cooling every room in your home with one thermostat, Environmental Heating & Air Solutions offers an energy-efficient solution: zoning. By sectioning your home for HVAC zone control, we're able to ensure your system delivers maximum levels of comfort and efficiency.

Benefits of HVAC Zone Control

At Environmental Heating & Air Solutions, we recognize that any home improvement can be a bit stressful, so our professionals provide you with unparalleled customer service for a hassle-free experience. Choosing us to install an HVAC zoning system in your home offers benefits that include:

  • Energy Efficiency: Your heating and air conditioning can account for up to 50% of your energy bill, and when you install an HVAC zoning system, you can significantly reduce the cost.
  • Increased Comfort: Traditional thermostats and HVAC systems often aren't able to provide uniform heat to every room in your home. With zoning, you can increase your comfort according to where you are in your home by adjusting the thermostat.
  • Precise Control: With a multi zone HVAC system, you can control exactly which rooms receive air and at what times. Save money while you sleep by turning on the thermostat in your bedroom and telling your system to close the dampers to other areas of your home.

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