Expired Water Purification Systems
Treating your whole-hose water supply with a Puronics system has many benefits.
  • Extends Appliance and fixture life expectancy
  • Reduces costly household products
  • Eliminates the need for hair conditioner
  • Reduces/Eliminates the need for lotion
  • Eliminate hard water and nasty build up
  • Save BIG money on drinkable water
  • Stop lugging cases of plastic water bottles into your home and out of our Environment
We will send one of our water specialist out to your home to perform a detailed water test for you and you family at no cost.

The water company is only responsible for the quality of water at their treatment facility. The miles and miles of infrastructure between the treatment facility and your home is what determines the quality of water coming out of your faucets.
Are you on a well? We can design the perfect system for well water too!
EHA Solutions only offers industry leading technologies and solutions.
Schedule your water test now and ensure your family is properly protected.
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