Free Energy Star-rated duct system
This month only, EHA Solutions is offering a free Energy Star-rated duct system with purchase of a qualifying HVAC system!

Efficient Duct Systems Optimize Your Home's Comfort

To create a comfortable home, an efficient duct system is a must. Ducts—known collectively as the air distribution system—carry air from the central heater or air conditioner to each part of the home and back again. In a typical house about 20 percent of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts. That’s why the duct systems found in ENERGY STAR qualified homes are third-party tested for tightness and verified to be properly insulated. 

Benefits of Efficient Duct Systems

  • Improved Comfort. When ducts are properly sealed and insulated, they deliver conditioned air more effectively to all rooms—helping to ensure a more constant temperature throughout the home.
  • Lower Utility Bills. The average homeowner spends more than $600 on space heating and cooling each year. Tightly sealed and well insulated ducts found in ENERGY STAR qualified homes can reduce annual utility bills by $120 or more.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality. Leaky ducts in attics, unfinished basements, crawl spaces, and garages can allow dirt, dust, moisture, pollen, pests, and fumes to enter the home. Sealing these ducts helps improve indoor air quality.
  • Lower Equipment Costs. When ducts are leaky, the heating and cooling system has to work harder to condition the home. 
*This offer is only valid with qualifying system purchases and includes up to (7) Seven supply ducts and (1) One return duct. All ductwork that EHA furnishes and installs will be R8 in value (the highest available and above Energy Star standards) Any additional ductwork requirements are at an additional cost. This promotion does not include new "cut-in" ductwork and is only valid when replacing existing conventional (wire helix flex) ductwork. 
  • Expires 09/30/2019
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