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Today, your furnace, Air Conditioner, thermostat, and zoning system are all very advanced pieces fo equipment that are all tied into microprocessor and control boards. They are able to accomplish much higher efficiency levels and comfort levels by the way the internal programming of these boards.

With the advanced programming there also comes a higher risk of a breakdown due to electrical surges caused by power outages and lightening strikes that are happening more and more often throughout Northern California.

Environmental Heating and Air Solutions installs super high efficient Lennox HVAC systems that are designed specifically for each of our customers homes and personal use goals.

When you choose to install a surge protector designed to protect your furnace and/or your air conditioner you are minimizing your risk of a service call and potentially thousands of dollars in repairs caused by power surges.

PG&E as well as other local utility providers are now turning off electrical service to hundreds of thousands of homes when the outdoor wind speed exceeds approximately 30 mph. This is in an effort to reduce forest fires in our area, however it is leaving many homes at an elevated risk of a power surge when the power is restored and turned back on.

Here in Northern California we are also at a high risk of fire due to the number of ground strikes; lightening that makes direct contact with the ground or a structure. With the dry summer conditions these lightening strikes are also being monitored closely.

Both lightening and power outages/restorations are two major known causes of electrical power surges causing damage to your homes electrical devices.

Surges in Power can cause major damage to sensitive electronic devices. Many of us plug our T.V. or personal computer into a surge protected power strip, but never think to provide the same degree of protection to our homes heating and cooling system, which in many cases cost 5 to 20 times that of a good T.V. or computer.

Protect your home, your family and your HVAC equipment today by installing an electrical surge protection device that is designed for today's heating and cooling systems.

CONTACT US TODAY and one of our representatives would be happy to answer your questions and set up a convenient time for one of our certified technicians to evaluate your current HVAC and electrical system.

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