XC16 Lennox AC Unit

XC16 Air Conditioning Unit

When the heat waves of a Sacramento summer hit your area, you need to be prepared with a high-performance air conditioner that can hold up to the demands of the region’s climate! At EHA Solutions, we offer Lennox XC16 air conditioners that provide the cooling relief that your household needs—at a highly competitive price.

This innovative AC system offers superior benefits and features that make it a stand-out choice for economical home cooling, including:

  • 2-Stage Compressor/Operation
  • Efficiencies up to 17.20 SEER
  • ENERGY STAR qualification
  • Quiet operation at 74dB
  • Long-term manufacturer warranties

Every household has its own unique needs when it comes to a home air conditioning system, and the XC16 air conditioner offers quiet, cost-effective, and powerful performance that keeps your home at the desired temperature.

2-Stage compressor(s) allow the air conditioner to turn on as a "small" or as a "large" air conditioner. This is very important in our Northern California climate since our outdoor temperatures vary from day to day and hour by hour.

When it is hot outside, this air conditioner will operate at its full size (capacity), yet when it is not so hot outside, this air conditioner has the ability to turn on as a "smaller" air conditioner which will save you additional money and maintain much better temperature control and comfort throughout your home.

2-Stage operation is a minimum requirement for systems that have or will ever have zoning added in the future. 

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