SLP99V Lennox Furnace

SLP99V Gas Furnace

The Lennox Signature Series SLP99 Gas Furnace is the world's quietest, most efficient gas (and LP) furnace that money can buy.

The advanced technologies within this furnace will provide the "tightest" temperature control throughout your home and is a match made in heaven for any duct systems with, or looking to add "Zone Controls".

What allows the Lennox SLP99 furnace to achieve such high levels of performance is 3 main features:

1.) The fully modulating gas valve. This gas valve can operate as low as 35% of the furnaces overall capacity, all the way up to 100% of its capacity and anywhere in between, in 1% increments. This translates into 65 Stages of heating and is a perfect fit for hybrid type duel-fuel systems if you currently have, or are planning on in the future of adding solar panels to your home.

Why is this important? First, it delivers very gentle heating and doesn't blast you with hot air and then simply turn off like traditional furnaces. It gently warms your home and is non-detectable. This also reduces your natural gas (or LP) consumption dramatically. Know that you get billed each month from your utility provider based on how much fuel you consume. The Lennox SLP99 only burns that required amount of fuel your home needs, based on the indoor set point and the outdoor ambient temperature. No longer will you over pay the utility company to keep your home comfortable all winter long, regardless of what Mother Nature throws our way here in Northenr California.

2.) Unmatched operating efficiency. The :Lennox SLP99 gas furnace can achieve up to 99% AFUE. What that means is that for every dollar you give to the utility company for fuel, 98 cents of every one of those dollars is being delivered into your home as "usable" heat, and only about 2 gets of every dollar is going out the chimney/vent.

3.) State of the art controls & components. Yes, this furnace has a Variable Speed blower motor (DC current) which delivers enhanced airflow, allows the blower to ramp up and down to achieve the highest efficiencies in both heating and air conditioning. However it also has a huge list of additional features that are unmatched in the industry. Onboard diagnostics, which will reduce service calls and let us (and you) know of a potential problem, before the system stops working. This keeps you and your family operating year round, 24/7. The SLP99 is also outfitted with variable speed inducer draft motor, along with super high efficient heat exchangers that extract as much heat as possible out of your furnace and into you home. 

The enhancements and technologies packed into the Lennox SLP99 gas furnace are simply unmatched in he industry and you will be able to see, and feel the enhancements immediately.

Of course industry leading technology such as this comes with the best warranties. Life time warranty in the heat exchangers and a 10 year parts warranty.

Environmental Heating And Air Solutions is factory trained and certified on all Lennox Signature Series Equipment and have exceeded all required training requirements to ensure you of the highest operational performance in your home.

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