Lennox XC20 AC Unit

XC20 Air Conditioning Unit

The XC20 Air Conditioner and XP20 Heat Pump from the Lennox Elite® Series are equipped with true variable speed technology. 

The XC20 & XP20 is designed to be the very best in their class throughout the HVAC industry. 

A properly designed High Efficiency Air Conditioning System is "sized" based on its ability to maintain target indoor temperatures, on those hottest days of the year.

On the more "mild" days, or when we are not experiencing those extreme temperatures, a traditional, single-stage air conditioner is going to be grossly over-sized. 

Not with the professional installation of the Lennox XC20 or XP20

Up to 65 Stages of cooling provides the perfect indoor environment for any home. This air conditioner can turn on all the way down to 35% of its capacity, up to 100% of its capacity, in 1% increments (65 stages).

  • Never overpay the utility company again
  • The most even temperature control from room to room 
  • Wi-Fi enabled for remote access and monitoring
  • Perfectly designed for and complement any PV Solar 
  • Cool Air, Clean Air, Crisp Air (Dehumidified) 

The Lennox XC20/XP20 with their 65 stages of operation is a perfect fit for systems that have or will ever have zoning added in the future. 

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