EL195E Lennox Furnace

EL195E Gas Furnace

The Lennox Elite Series EL195E Gas Furnace is a very efficient furnace that is designed to be more of a direct replacement for homes looking to save a little money on their heating costs and have no existing concerns with precise temperature control, fuel consumption and are looking to get something similar to what they currently have, just more efficient.

Some key highlights of the EL195E:

-Up to 95% AFUE. Keeping 95 cents of every dollar you pay the utility company in your home as usable heat and only about 5 cents being exhausted out the chimney/vent.

-Onboard diagnostics and advanced control integration.

-ECM Blower motor technology which delivers more airflow than older, traditional furnaces.

-State of the art heat exchangers to maximize efficiency.

-Quiet operation technologies incorporated throughout the EL195E furnace.

-Duel-Fuel capabilities, to utilize both electric and gas for all your homes heating needs.

-Lifetime heat exchanger warranty & 10 year parts warranty.

Environmental Heating And Air Solutions is factory trained and certified on all Lennox Elite Series Equipment and have exceeded all required training requirements to ensure you of the highest operational performance in your home.

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