EL16XC1 Lennox AC Unit

EL16XC1 Air Conditioning Unit

The Lennox EL16 is a mid-effiency, single stage air conditioner that is part of the Elite product line. 

Single stage operation means that the air conditioner will turn on at 100% capacity whenever there is a need for cooling.
The EL16 is a great option for homeowners looking for direct replacement options to their older, worn out system that just aren't cutting it any more.
  • Long-Lasting: Quantum™ Coil Technology defends against corrosion in harsh environments for years of trouble-free cooling
  • Energy Savings: Up to 17 SEER Performance qualifies your customers for lucrative money-saving rebates
  • Quiet Cooling: Designed with a sound dampening system to cool your home quietly, even on the hottest days of the year
*Homes that either have zoned duct systems (multiple thermostats with one HVAC system) or homes that would like to add zoning in the future, should have 2-stage heating and cooling systems installed to best support proper zone operation.

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