Everyone, from COSTCO customer service rep, Environmental Heating & Air Solutions Estimator and Technicians were professional and polite! Our 1090 sq ft 1986 home has a furnace in a little closet smack dab in the middle of our house. Although system was only 10 years old (installed due to builders swamp cooler didn’t work during home purchase) it was a quick decision install through different, local company. Furnace, condenser and air draw were extremely noisy! During initial consultation with Kevin he explained options and costs for complete furnace and condenser replacement. Obviously he starts with most efficient and effective product available, which fit our expected results of a replacement unit. He also explained a solution for noisy air draw by installing an additional draw point. We decided on a variable speed fan furnace and one step down condenser (which is massive size!) Kevin also described “rebate” & additional savings by using COSTCO Executive card, due to unit price we did an additional loan through COSTCO credit at no interest for 18 months. With papers signed, dates set we were ready to go. July 31st 2019 installation date came and technicians arrived on time. They assessed work needed done and got to it. Ripped out old furnace from its little closet with no damage to it’s confines, removed condenser and installed new. The technician installed soundproofing to inside the little closet & installed new furnace, boy it’s a tight fit, but he did an outstanding job. Plus installing necessary tubing and electrical the little closet got smaller! He also made an additional air intake opposite existing to help new furnace breathe better and not suck so hard trying to get air through what I had. I must say, it works great! With all that done he installed a new fangled thermostat and did a wonderful job explaining its use and necessary settings. The technician installing condenser was quite a pro. That thing is massive compared to my old condenser. I had concerns of being able to squeeze past it with a wheelbarrow or green waste tote, sure enough, wouldn’t fit. I told myself, it’s OK I can use gate on the other side of the house. He set condenser on a new pad, which is sturdy composite material fully enclosed, not like existing plastic pad with no bottom. Installed a new electrical box and blended it in to old box location best he could to cover difference of house color which turned out super nice. After all done we did a test run, when it started I was disappointed on how noisy air flow was. But, remember, end of July by the time all was done it was a little warm in the house and temperature difference was huge so air fan kicked in at full rpm’s to bring down house temperature. When the technician set temp closer to house temp the fan slowed and all was well and quiet. I decided to move condenser behind house again using EHAS, Dominic was professional get er done worker and alone, did outstanding work in 5 hours.

Environmental Heating & Air Solutions

Thank you so much for the loyalty and trust Kim. Our goal is to exceed all of our clients expectations and deliver a great experience. We promise to deliver the same great service to all your friends, family and co-workers as well, so please refer us to anyone who you feel could benefit from our services. "When You Need Us, We Will Be There!"

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