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Fantastic Customer Care

Greg has always made sure we are 100% taken care of and completely satisfied with our system and service. We feel like we are receiving the same treatment as his own family would get. He is such a great guy to work with. Thank you so much Greg for everything!

Environmental Heating & Air Solutions

We couldn't agree more; He is such a great guy to work with and puts his entire heart and mind into each situation to ensure all expectations are exceeded! "When You Need Us, We Will Be There!"

Greg's Awesome!

Despite being sold a configuration that simply can't work, Greg has been highly engaged, cooperative, and helpful in trying to work through the issues to find a resolution. He has such a positive attitude and was willing to try various potential solutions. In the end, we had to change the configuration and Greg worked on my behalf to arrange an equitable adjustment to the system cost. I enjoyed working with Greg. He was responsive, cared about getting things fixed to my satisfaction, very open to sharing information, and willing to commit the resources needed to get resolution.

Environmental Heating & Air Solutions

Thank you for providing this feedback! Our entire team is committed to delivering a world class customer experience and do whatever it takes to achieve this. We are blessed to have the industries brightest shining stars on our team who understand what it means to serve others! "When You Need Us, We...

Fantastic Service!

The service provided by Greg and his team is beyond impressive. What I truly appreciate is Greg makes you feel like you have a friend in the Heating-and-air biz, because his focus was on providing personalized service - like a friend helping me rather than a contractor doing his job. You can tell, Greg genuinely cares that you're satisfied and comfortable with every aspect and he immediately responds to any questions or concerns you have. I had the entire AC-HVAC systems replaced in TWO homes simultaneously (my home and my in-law’s home as they are elderly). First and foremost, the install under Greg was impeccable. As the install took place, some additional changes/parts were optionally needed (big items). Greg’s position was, “It’s a better system if we include these” and he did it, at no extra charge. After installation, the few snafus that arouse, I called Greg and he immediately resolved them - and never pushed-back or resisted tackling any concerns or issues (as contractors often do). I am a Handyman so I thoroughly inspected the work - Absolutely first rate! In contrast, I initially hired a different company (One-hour heating-and-air) to do my in-law's home. They tried to switch the AC unit to a cheaper one without lowering the bid. Then they were nickel-and-diming me for things that were already included in the contract - a non-stop battle. I called Greg and he offered good advice on what to look for - it's not even his company doing the work, yet he helped me (friend in the biz) and never even hinted to dropping them and going to Environmental. Mid-way, One-Hour walked off the job leaving a huge mess! Greg came and cleaned up this entire mess, installed a superior system (impeccably installed) and it was less expensive. I've recommended Environmental and Greg to several friends and colleagues already.

Environmental Heating & Air Solutions

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback with Greg and our installation division. This right here is so very hard to explain to people who have never experienced what our company is all about. We strive every single day to create a culture that is all about putting yourself in th...

Greg is amazing!

I was so fortunate to find Greg when we had a couple of snafus post installation. He immediately took care of 2 issues under his department, but he also took ownership of assisting me with the Costco cards I was supposed to receive. Someone in the office had not completed the paperwork and he pursued the issue until it was solved. Further, just in our various texts we talked about other things like the fires we had in Napa County where I live. Are you ready for this?? Drum roll, please! He said that he has a truck and that he would help me move anything if I needed help! Who does that? He doesn't even know me! This man is not only an outstanding employee, he is a positive face for the company's image but more than that, he is the type of human being we need more of in this world.

Environmental Heating & Air Solutions

Yvonne, we could not agree more with you! Greg is an exemplary leader at our organization and deeply cares about everything he does, as well as every client we serve. We thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and for instilling your trust in our team. Our success in life and business w...

Above and Beyond

We are beyond impressed and appreciative of Greg reaching out and personally taking care of us. We had some adjustments that needed to be made and he came out himself to assess and make recommendations, and put us first on the list on the schedule to get the adjustments taken care of. He kept in touch, was prompt in his responses, and made us feel valued. It was clear that he was going to do everything in his power to make sure we were happy and satisfied with the work, that we believed they were a stellar company in service and product, and that we felt valued. Which we did. I cannot put into words how much we appreciate how above and beyond Greg went to take care of us. We have always recommended EHA Solutions to our friends and family and will continue to do so even more enthusiastically now.

Environmental Heating & Air Solutions

Carrie, Greg is one of the many amazing team members we have that understand what it means to "Serve" at their highest degree possible. We truly value all of our customers trust, partnership and referrals and we do everything in our power to exceed all expectations. "When You Need Us, We Will Be The...

Excellent follow through and attitude

We were very impressed with the personal follow through and kind and concerned attitude we got from Greg B. He promised to get to the bottom of a tankless water heater problem we were having. He never gave up and he kept us posted with the progress of his problem solving ideas. He personally took care of the problem till the problem was solved. We will highly recommend him to our friends and neighbors.

Environmental Heating & Air Solutions

Thank you Barbara! Our team prides itself on seeing challenges through to the very end. Greg invested many hours researching your situation and working with manufacture reps to figure everything out and we are just pleased that it is operating the way it should. "When You Need Us, We Will Be There!"

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