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Gina was great on the phone, she answered all my question and knows the products & services thoroughly, looking forward to working with this team.

Environmental Heating & Air Solutions

Thank you for the great feedback John! Gina is one of the many rock stars on the team and does an amazing job! We look forward to serving you for many years to come. "When You Need Us, we Will be There!"

Gina was Amazing

I called for annual service and I Gina answered my call. She was so informative and so pleasant to talk to in scheduling my first service with this company. If the technicians are like Gina, this is a rare find to get this level of customer service as great as I received!!

Environmental Heating & Air Solutions

Thank you so much Nancy! Gina is such a great person and takes so much pride in her work! She loves serving others and that is why she is a perfect fit for EHA! "When You Need Us, We Will Be There!"

Simply the Best

Gina is the best customer service person on planet Earth. Always helpful, always friendly, always keeps her promises. Thank you Gina.

Environmental Heating & Air Solutions

Thank you for the great feedback Duane!! She is a rock star for sure and we are blessed to have her on our team. "When You Need Us, We Will Be There!"


My system had a glitch the night before Christmas. She called me to walk me through a few steps and whhhala, I had heat! Her patience and expertise was a blessing! It takes a good person to work with you when you are highly frustrated and simply need heat! :)

Environmental Heating & Air Solutions

Thank you for the feedback Corina. Gina and our office team are spectacular and do whatever they can to assist each of our clients. "When You Need Us, We Will Be There!"

Best Customer Service in Town

Gina was awesome made my day.

Environmental Heating & Air Solutions

That's wonderful news Sandy! Gina makes our day each and every day too! "When You Need Us, We Will Be There!"

Gina Is The Best

My top of line Lennox HVAC system purchased from EHA is about 2 years old now. I’m not gonna lie, the first year was very problematic and I was questioning my Lennox choice but EHA could not have been more responsive during the journey. Eventually the reason for all the trouble was discovered and addressed and the past 8 months have been smooth. During the trouble time Gina was incredibly supportive and calm, something I needed after a certain point. Last week during the high heat another unrelated issue came up with the AC and I called the after hours number about 9 PM to leave a message so I could be called back early the next morning, which is what I requested. To my surprise Gina called me back that night about 930, concerned I might not have AC that night. Since I was able to get the AC back on I told her I was fine for the night. We set up a service call and she called me back the next day to expedite my service. Every business could use a bunch of Ginas, EHA better make sure they keep her happy because she keeps the customers needing service happy!

Environmental Heating & Air Solutions

Thank you for the great feedback Steve. Yes, we plan on holding on to her for many, many years! What defines a business isn't how they respond when things go smoothly, that's easy. It is how they respond when things do not go as planned and truly caring about each customer's situation. We are no whe...

Gina was amazing!

My experience with Gina was great. I was upset because my new system failed after a week of being installed and we had no AC in the hot August summer and Gina listened to me and followed through on her commitments to me. She has a great sense of humor and great communication skills. She is an asset to this team. Though I hope I never have to speak to her in these circumstances again, I’m sure if I do, she will take care of business. Thanks Gina!

Environmental Heating & Air Solutions

Thank you for the feedback Mike. We never want to have anyone experience any challenges with a new system and do everything we can to avoid this, however sometimes it happens and when it does, know that our entire team is committed to serving you at the highest of levels. "When You Need Us, We Will...

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