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Fairfield Water Purification Services

If you’re tired of fighting soap scum on dishware, wasting money on bottled water, and constantly repairing appliances, the solution may be simpler than you think: a water purifier from Environmental Heating & Air Solutions, Inc.! With a quick installation of one of our Puronics water purification systems, your family will notice an immediate improvement in the smell, taste, and quality of water in your Fairfield home.

Short- and Long-Term Benefits of Water Purification Systems

At EHA Solutions, we’re more than just a typical HVAC company; we’re a locally based team that exists to serve our community in Fairfield and beyond—and we always put people before profits! Our uniquely customer-focused approach compels us to offer the best water purification products at a fair price, installed by skilled technicians with BPI, EGIA, and NATE certification. We care about the health and happiness of your family, and we’ll do everything we can to provide a five star experience you can feel.

With a cutting-edge Puronics water filter, you’ll experience the satisfying benefits of fresher, cleaner water:

  • Better Taste: SilverShield® Protection Technology helps remove contaminants and particulate matter so that your water tastes and smells better. You can drink it right from the tap!
  • Brighter Clothes: Water that’s free of impurities allows your washing machine to work better with gentler detergents (and less of them). 
  • Easier Cleaning: Effective water purification results in less soap scum and mineral residue, for dishes and cutlery that stay sparkling with less effort.
  • Longer Appliance Lifetime: With less scaling and build-up, your appliances that rely on water—like the dishwasher and washing machine—will have a longer expected lifespan.

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